Valour Strike Shin Guards for Kickboxing Muay Thai MMA Karate Martial Arts Taekwondo or Kick Boxing | Sparring Sock Pads to Guard Leg Foot & Instep | Protective Equipment for Safe Support in Training Price: £17.95 (as of 17/04/2021 17:59 PST- Details)

ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT & MOVEMENT FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our MMA shin guards get you as close to fight conditions as possible, while providing a great level of protection. Our Shin Pads weighs just 130g (per pad). That means your sparring gear will not hold your development back, it will enhance your it.
15mm COMPRESSED PROTECTIVE FOAM PADDING: Designed to provide a safer shin guard to support the development of athletes looking to advance their kicks in a superior kickboxing shin guards.
SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED WITH MOBILITY IN MIND: When you think Muay Thai Pads you think a protector that doesn’t hinder movement. It is absolutely essential athletes can kick with minimal impact on their natural kicking motion., and these shin guards do just that. Super close to fight conditions with added pad safety to reduce the risk of injury.

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Premium MMA Sock Shin Guards

Whether your working towards a professional fight or simply developing your muscle memory and flexibility it important to have minimal obstruction in your movement while training. The less obstruction the more precise and accurate your development becomes. However, it is simply not suitable to train regularly with no protection as injury will undoubtedly follow.

Our Valour Strike sock style leg guards are perfect for getting as close to real life combat movement with a good level of protection. Of course the protection level is reduced from our bigger leather leg guards that are specifically designed for high impact sparring.

These sock style leg guards are designed to offer a degree of protection while allowing your shins to naturally and safely condition under the impact. The foam infused panels inhale the strike impact in high risk areas, then dispenses the impact over a larger surface area therefore reducing the impact and risk of injury.

We have all felt the unwanted pain when the sharp end of a training partners elbow makes impact on the metatarsals of your foot as they move to block your kick. It’s a horrific feeling and not just in the moment but it can severely effect your training regime.

This is just one of the injuries that our leg guards can prevent by creating a large surface area to dispense the strike impact. Not to mention the shin on shin impact injuries that occur on a regular basis.

Basic size guide

Small: 4 10″- 5 5″

Medium: 5 6″- 5 10″

Large: 5 11″- 6 2″

XL: 6 3″ +

*Our size guide is to offer a general rule of thumb and is not definitive due to the variation in length of limbs and desired fitting.

*Above sizing in feet and inches.

✅ ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT & MOVEMENT FRIENDLY DESIGN: Getting you as close to fight conditions as possible, while providing a great level of protection. The strategically placed panels large surface areas will help absorb and dispense the strike wave pressure from checks and strikes.
✅ 15 mm FOAM INFUSED PANELS IN HIGH RISK AREAS: Designed to distribute the strike impact across a larger surface area, while not removing the entire impact on the shins the leg guards provide a great increase in protection. Your shins will naturally condition under the protection panels so when the time comes to strike without them you have built up a resistance.
✅ ELASTICATED CROSS WEAVE DESIGN ENABLES A SUPER SECURE FIT: The elasticity within the material enables a snug fit over a variety of calf sizes and shapes. The heel hole helps the leg guards to stay in position while under pressure, therefore avoiding awkward adjustments during sparring.
✅ EASY TO USE SLIP ON AND OFF SYSTEM: They really are that easy to use just pop them on like a giant pair of protection socks and you are ready to train. We have also included an additional adjustable upper strap so you can finalise your fitting.
✅ DESIGNED, TESTED & USED BY THE VALOUR STRIKE TEAM ? Machine washable on a short (15 minute or less) low degree cycle you can freshen up and remove unwanted odours. Best method of cleaning is to hand wash. Do not tumble dry.




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Valour Strike




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