RDX Kick Shield for Kickboxing Training, Curved Muay Thai Kicking Pad, Strike Body Shield, Great for MMA, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Karate Workout (SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)

RDX Kick shield is manufactured with tough Maya Hide leather material that absorbs nastiest of blows without getting deformed. This material dispenses the impact evenly across the surface area, thus the pad holder and striker experience stable positioning, causing minimum risks. It is ideal for kickboxing, MMA training and more.
Our Thai Pad is constructed with leather mesh ventilation system which provides a path for air to flow through them, expelling heat, allowing maximum breathability. The strategically placed perforations provide ample ventilation when you work up a sweat.
This MMA kick Shield is infused with Quad-layer Gel Integrated foam with technologically advanced highly shock absorbent padding that offers protection to the hand and during heavy hitting by absorbing the force of impact. Infused shock dispersion foam provides added resistance when met with high intensity force.

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Train with enduring sports brand RDX Super shock absorbing high performance Pre-curved Kick shield made with heavy duty Maya hide Leather to withstand the toughest assaults filled with ‘IMT’ three layers of 13cm Gel integrated thick Foam. That gives you the most shock absorption and long lasting performance to take the hardest kicks and punches. We have incorporated the latest technology in strike Shield which not only provides better absorbency but is extremely lightweight. This shield takes stability and performance to the next level. (THIS IS SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)
Maya hide Leather to withstand the toughest assaults, Air vents on both sides
60cm long, 36cm wide and 13cm thick ‘IMT’ Gel Padding, Extremely lightweight
Nylon reinforced 3 suitcase handle bars with additional nylon strap holds for arm
Incorporated the latest technology in strike Shield
Sold individually


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RDX, RDX Sport


RDX, RDX Sport




RDX, RDX Sport


RDX, RDX Sport